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Germany/France/Prussia community


This community was created to share the love for a fairly ignored pairing, Germany/France/Prussia. Why, you ask? It's totally canon nowadays! Have a taste here if you don't believe us ;D. And try reading newspapers. You'll find many interesting things.
Don't worry if you see "Prussia" written here and there, he's just East Germany, as it's explained on the rules!

swissliech - Swizterland/Liechtenstein
austro_swiss - Austria/Switzerland
meinbruder - Prussia/Germany/Prussia
what_the_fruk - France/UK
russiamerica - Russia/America
inthreesome - Prussia/France/Spain
sadist_otp - Russia/Belarus
manly_glasses - Austria/Hungary
baltic_nations - Baltic Nations
pandafans - Russia/China
a_moveablefeast - US/France
hetalia_pairs - All pairings
thatwinebastard - France
snowysiestas - Spain/Canada
itacest - South/North Italy
hetalia_ph - Hetalia Philippines
reich_of_kuchen - Germany centric
jigsaw_nations - OCs
scarvesnflowers - Netherlands/Russia

Want to affiliate? Send a PM to the admins!


No flame. You don't like the pairing / the characters? Well, the exit is right there. ☞
❂ Prussia, also known as East Germany, is welcomed here in the community, following this reasoning: Prussia > East Germany > Then Germany again with West. So he can be part of the 'relationship' too
❂ NC-17 posts must have a warning in the format (see below)
❂If you have doujinshi, first of all tell us were you bought them duh. And if you are so kind to share them with us, friends lock them as well <3
❂ Use LJ-cuts when posting art, doujinshi, fanfictions, vids and icons. Just type < lj-cut text="catchy phrase here" > *your post goes here * < /lj-cut> without the spaces :D You can make a small preview before the cut, if you want~
❂ Have fun and spread the love ♥

The format for posting Art, Doujinshi and Fanficions

Author/Artist (or Circle, when a Doujinshi):
Character(s) or Pairing(s):

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